Level 5 – Specialist Diplomas



Recent curriculum changes have brought major demands on UK teachers. These have increased demands on senior management, and as a result many schools are looking for qualified specialists in certain areas.
Specialist Diplomas provide a way to enhance your skill set in your chosen subject area as well as certify yourself as a specialist to current and potential employers.
Credits from your specialist diploma can be accredited towards your teaching qualification, and help kick-start your teaching career.

Who is it for?

If you’ve completed your level 3, or have QTS but are struggling to break into the jobs market, this could be what you need to stand out from the crowd.
Are you a qualified teacher, who would like to improve your skills in specific areas? This level 5 diploma can help you expand your skill-set and make the switch to your desired role.
Are you currently helping learners in Maths or Literacy, or are you working with SEN pupils? Becoming a qualified specialist could enhance your salary significantly whilst helping you to feel confident and empowered in the classroom.
In a competitive profession you need to grab every opportunity to market yourself as a proficient and capable practitioner with the tools to help your students flourish.

Further details

There are only six classes to attend over a three-month period. Classes are held in evening sessions once a week. Hours are flexible so as to minimize disruption in the school day.
Candidates will be expected to achieve 50 practice hours, working with learners in the specialized areas of training.

Upcoming course start dates:

Specialist Diploma in Teaching Literacy – 25/04/17

Specialist Diploma in Teaching Numeracy – 25/04/17

Specialist Diploma in Teaching Disabled Learners – TBC

Level of training for each area of specialism 5
Number of credits for each area of specialism 45
Number of classes for each area of specialism 6
Specialist Diploma in Teaching Literacy 601/0873/3
Unit 501 Literacy Teaching and Learning
Unit 502 Literacy, Theory and Frameworks
Unit 504 Literacy and the Learners
Specialist Diploma in Teaching Numeracy 601/0876/9
Unit 511 Numeracy Teaching and Learning
Unit 512 Numeracy and the Learner
Unit 513 Numeracy, knowledge and understanding
Specialist Diploma in Teaching Disabled Learners 601/0877/0
Unit 514 Incisive Teaching and Learning for Disabled Learners
Unit 515 Action Learning for Teaching in a Specialist Area of Disability
Unit 516 Understanding Theories and Frameworks for Teaching Disabled Learners