Diploma in Education and Training

The Diploma in Education and Training – your fast track to Qualified Teacher Status.


Train now, without paying a penny until after you complete the training.

  • Train Now, Pay Later – We can fund your training until you find permanent employment.
  • Guaranteed work placement – Rest assured we will do the hard work for you and find a great local school for your training (more than two thirds of trainees are in fact hired on their placement).
  • Recruitment support – We partner with recruitment experts to secure you employment.
  • Low price – At £4,700 it’s significantly cheaper than the standard price of around £6,000.
  • Dedicated support for every learner – Our small size and experienced, friendly team means you will always have someone on hand to help, whatever issues you may face.
  • Modern, well equipped classrooms with Google learning platform.

With the costs of a PGCE spiralling to nearly £10,000, and a huge time commitment required, more and more budding teachers are looking at alternative options to gain their QTS. The DET course content is similar to PGCE, not only allowing you to investigate theories of current educational practice, but giving you a chance to demonstrate the findings of your research in your own teaching practice. By law it carries the same weight with regulators employers, and educational institutions.

Here’s the best part – with SCCD you gain your qualification at a fraction of the price, without paying a penny up front – whilst allowing time for your current work and family commitments.

What are the benefits of gaining QTLS status?
Why QTLS is increasingly becoming the chosen route to qualified teacher status
How is QTLS achieved in SCCD?
What happens after QTLS training?


  •   SCCD has shown me the path to my profession of passion here. Our lecturer Ms. Alexis has been a great motivator and inspiration. She is a wonderful teacher and everyday I learn something new from her. Thank you so much Miss!

    thumb Suklatithi Chakraborty

      Hi All, I've just recently started this course and enjoying it so much. My lecturer Paulina is extremely helpful when it comes to assignments and her lessons are always very interesting. She always is very encouraging and never a boring moment in her lesson.

    thumb Farah Kardar

      Friendly and supportive staff.

    thumb Daniel E Cobbinah

      I would like to say "thank you " to a great lecturer Mrs Paulina.She was always there for all of us, giving advice, explaining, marking assignments on time, her lectures were interesting as she was well prepared and so passionate about teaching. OUR LECTURER is very kind, helpful and professional. I APPRECIATE EVERYTHING SHE HAS DONE.

    thumb Magdalena Falkowska
  •   Thanks for all the hard work you do for us Ms Alexis. I am glad to be your student.

    thumb Garima Bhandari

      Very proud to be partnering SCCD in recruiting top trained teachers and Early years educators!

    thumb Ppa Ed

      it has been a journey to get to where I am with SCCD. thankyou to my tutor Ms Alexis who has supported me through the way. I really appreciate it. please keep going as there are more people out there who need your support. xx pirmjit gujral

    thumb Pirmjit Gujral

      It has been an awesome experience. Teachers and staff at SCCD are kind, supportive and always ready help. Thank you all!!!!

    thumb Monica Petriuc
  •   By Fiona williams: " I am currently enjoying this course, the lectures are very in depth and throurouly enjoyable. Paulina makes the lectures very engaging and a joy to attend, I have learnt an incredible amount in such a short space of time, about the education system and myself. I highly recommend this course for all would be teaching assistants." ☆☆☆☆☆

    thumb Lily Fox

      I have done Level 2 and Level 3 SEN diploma through SCCD, I would like to show my gratitude to my lecturer Paulina, and she is very focused and wants the best for learners, by going the extra mile to support learners. I am very pleased to have chosen SCCD as my training centre and would recommend to others.

    thumb Ajai Morar

      I would like to show my appreciation to my lecturer Paulina, whose lessons are always a pleasure to attend. She is very attentive and wants the best for her students, by going the extra mile in finding solutIons. Her class is never a bore and is always informative and optimistic. Thank you for your great efforts!

    thumb Hajah HP Fofanah

      As new teachers we have many challenges to face each day. SCCD training helps prepare new educators for these challenges. While teacher training and student teaching won't completely prepare us for every issue we will face, it can help us feel more confident about many common problems that arise for teachers each day. I'm currently teaching 14-19 students and covering my hours in order to get my qualification. Thanks to SCCD for helping me to achieve my goals. :)

    thumb Dayana Nanita
  •   I would like to say how beneficial I find my lectures with support to my outcomes; to my work place and also to my own knowledge. These lectures help me develop a great understanding towards the educational sector and my own personal teaching development. This is a great course to take which is specific to the role of a teacher � Ryan

    thumb Ryan Palmer

      I very like studying at the SCCD college. I have a great opportunity to get teacher's licence and prepare myself for teaching. A great thank to Paul because he is organised, creative and clever!

    thumb Christi Inga

      I would like to show my appreciation to my teacher Ms Alexis who has always been very encouraging and understanding . She has an excellent and sound knowledge of the UK education system . I find her to be very attentive towards her students and very understanding towards their needs and circumstances. Thank you Ms Alexis !

    thumb Cynara Siddiqui

      Its an excellent course recognized all over the world. The staff is supportive and provide a good guideline through out the course to achieve the target.

    thumb Shahid Latif
  •   I sincerely think as an attending student that sccd has hugely improved my knowledge of the british educational system. Mrs Szal, the lecturer is very lovely and approachable; Khalida at the reception is always doing her best to sort the things out for you. I loved everything about the course and I felt very appreciated. Thanks, SCCD!!!! �

    thumb Marco Troilo

      Very appreciative for the support & encouragement received...

    thumb Andrew Miller

      I would like to appreciatemy lecturer Ms Alexis, she is not only a wonderful tutor but person too. She has helped me step by step and has been so considerate for the time I had taken off. When I came back into class I was ready to learn and I am a great believer that if you have a good teacher you will be motivated to learn ever more. Thank you for all the positive and constructive fed back regarding my work. My journey with SCCD so far has been a pleasant one with all the other staff member's who are there to support you to. Thank you Ms Alexis and SCCD. Parminder Rathore.

    thumb Parminder Kaur

      Really helpful staff and guided path toward success

    thumb Kashifa Riaz
  •   I have attended level 3 SEN diploma at sccd, I appreciate all the support I received from the staff. I especially appreciate very much the emotional support I received from my tutor paulina, when a member of my family passed while I was studying on the course. Without this encouragement I do not think I would have continued on the course. The lessons were also very informative and relevant to the course, I was satisfied with the teaching and customer service I received.

    thumb Malissa Samms

      Its a good experience. Ms Alexis is an excellent lecturer + a good mentor too. Also staff in SCCD are very supportive. Together, they help to climb up career ladder.

    thumb Pratheepa Deepa

      Hello, I've been with SCCD since September 2016, and i must say it is a very interesting career path, but overall you get great support to achieve these challenges and tasks which are given, many thanks to Paul for sending me the work via email as I've been ill and couldn't turn up for my lectures, SCCD does not hesitate to let one of their students fail and that makes me happy. I am glad i chose them and forever greatful for Paul Colgrave for being my lecturer� �

    thumb Shakil Hussain Ali

      The good people at SCCD are very accommodating and helpful, especially Khaleda & Stevens . My lecturer Paulina is particularly amazing too! She takes the time to make sure you've understood the assignment. Genuinely tries to give you encouragement and every opportunity to complete the course and achieve your goals. I personally have recommended SCCD to just about any one who will listen.

    thumb Lorraine Simon
  •   I feel really proud of SCCD for the the high quality teaching and learning they deliver.

    thumb Mariam Rahaman

      SCCD is a home of knowledge where teachers are born not made. Good instructors (lecturers) with good teaching methodologies. Up SCCD.

    thumb Peter-Tai Onyi Ejiofor-Olaekeji

      Brilliant! Learnt a lot and hope to learn a lot more!

    thumb Gareth Duffy

      SCCD is a very good course provider and their lecturer especially Miss Alexis is an excellent lecturer.From Beebee

    thumb Ayesha Hamid
  •   It has been an awesome experience. Teachers and staff at SCCD are kind, supportive and always ready to hear and help. A special thank to Fiona as she has been such a wonderful guide through my placement journey. I would also like to thank ms Alexis for the huge amount of support she has always been able to provide. Thank you SCCD

    thumb Crescenzo Di Giannantonio

      Hi, i have been with SCCD since June this year, and I'm enjoying the course very much, all the teachers are very supportive and lectures are very well structured and delivered. I am very pleased to have chosen SCCD as my training centre and would recommend for others. Also a huge thank you to all the staff who makes the centre a pleasant place to be. Especially to Shaaria Alexis you are very helpful and supportive in the work we do and very attentive, we all enjoy your lectures very much. Ambreen Shamim

    thumb Amber Khan



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