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5 Tips before going into your Placement


Placement is a mandatory part of the training. As you will need to complete 80 hours of placement to complete the Level 3 in Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning in Schools or 100 hours worth of placement to complete the Level 5 Diploma in Education & Training.



All students during their placement will be trained during lectures on what evidence they will need to collect during their placement hours. You will be trained on how to identify, signpost, and annotate your evidence. This will show your lecturers that you have understood what it is you were doing during your placement and to show where you have progressed from learning on the job.



Students will need to dress professionally and ALWAYS act professional. This will include when teaching in your class, showing up on time, being prepared, showing good work ethic and showing dedication and passion towards your work. (with respect to Teachers Standards and Professional Standards).



Students need to ensure that they apply relevant knowledge and understanding from their training to demonstrate compliance to national framework policies and legislation and codes of practice within the School/ College environment.



Students need to ENSURE they have read and understood the School/ College safeguarding and child protection documentation in advance to starting their placement hours. Then also ensuring they have a clear understanding of the safeguarding systems and contacts within the School/ College. This is extremely important, as these documents are in place to protect both you and the children you will be teaching.



You will be expected to observe Teachers and reflect on what they do to apply this to your own practice and towards your development. You will participate in morning meetings, staff meetings, parent meetings and all other aspects of School/ College life. Including, planning, and teaching lessons, prepare resources for the class and provide feedback for students to help support their development.

So, there are a few points to help give you an idea on what to expect before you start your placement. Some other points to add will be that for DET placement you will have to complete 100 hours of practice teachings and teach 8 formally observed lessons to the required standard. Whilst on placement you will organise a collection and collation of workplace evidence for each of your required units in order to complete your folders in readiness for your final assessment and to acquire your qualification.