1. Your Teaching Placement School

Make sure your school placement for student teaching has been approved. Call your placement school to double check that all of the paperwork necessary has been completed.

2. Meet the Cooperating Teacher

Once your student teaching placement is finalised, visit the school and meet your cooperating teacher.

3. Learn the Curriculum

Ask for an overview of the curriculum to become familiar with and study your standards. Offer to help set up class and take part in the planning before the term begins. This will give you a good feel for the process of teacher preparation..

4. Observations

Set-up an observation schedule. Cooperating teachers are responsible for evaluating students teachers at certain benchmarks throughout the semester. Plan ahead so you’ll be prepared. When you do get observed, be sure to go over each evaluation with your cooperating teacher so you know how to improve.

5. Get involved.f

Help grade papers, clean, copy, run errands, listen to conflict resolution, attend staff meetings and visit the teacher’s Getting first hand experience with these daily teacher tasks help set a clear picture of what it will be like to do them all by yourself.

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