Teachers Training can be tough, no matter what route you take. You’ll find it difficult and, at times, feel like it’s almost unmanageable. However, it’s also incredibly rewarding and the best decision that you will ever make. That said, here are 5 top tips for trainee teachers to help you get through this next year!

1. Great Expectations

You do not have to rush out and read a Charles Dickens classic but you do need to make sure that you have firm expectations when you begin to teach a class. Clear boundaries and guidelines with the students will make it so much easier on you in the long run.
Set clear boundaries with a mentor, they’ve usually got great advice on what works and what might be a little too optimistic — and then stick to them. If a student fails to meet your expectations then you need to address it. Be firm but fair to show that rules are rules, no exceptions.

2. Do Some reading

One of the best things any teacher can do is to read, and read widely. Use the time before you start your course to brush up on subject knowledge, keep up-to-date on areas that are coming up in the schemes of work that you’ll be teaching. You will feel a lot more comfortable knowing that you’re clear on the material. Don’t forget: you have to be able to explain it to teenagers who don’t have a clue about it themselves!
Also try browsing a few teaching blogs or books to keep your ideas fresh. No one wants to be the teacher who does the same dull activities week in, week out.

3. Watch And learn

Once your placement starts, ask your mentor to help you identify good teachers and observe as many of them teaching as you can. Always have a focus to look out for, learn from them, and don’t be afraid to get some ideas for your own teaching practice!

4. Know When To Stop

Do not download your work email to your phone. Have a certain time each night when you put your work aside and do something fun. Yes, it is a lifestyle as well as a career but don’t let it take over! Spend at least one whole day of your weekend doing something other than work. You’re no good if you burn out halfway through term two.

5. Reflect!

Reflective practice is one of my favourite things about mentoring trainee teachers. When someone observes you, it forces you to look back at your lessons and identify the strengths and weaknesses in what you did. Then you can learn from them. Improvise, adapt, and overcome as they say.
Sit down after each lesson and bullet point three successes and three things that could be improved. Then try to make sure that you do not make the same mistakes again.
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