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6 Reasons WHY To Become A TEACHER


Some of us are looking for a new opportunity, some wish to return to their passion that was left behind. There are a lot of considerations to be done before choosing a (new) career path. Calculating the pros and cons is important when making the final decision. At SCCD, we always encourage to take your first step into the education sector, and we have listed some key points that should really give you the final encouragement to make this positive change in your life now.



The education sector comes with a clear career path – teaching. Whether you choose to teach primary, secondary, or further education, SCCD Level 5 Teaching Qualification leads to obtaining QTLS, which gives you all these options to choose from. After earning the Qualified Teaching and Learning Status, the education sector ensures job security and salary benefits. There is always a need for more teachers to inspire and teach the next generation. Becoming a teacher and showing the passion for the subject presents a great role model for the youth. Educating the children allows you to give back and become a part of the community.

The whole journey can seem very daunting because of the long duration of PGCE and complex exams. However, at SCCD, we offer an alternative route, which enables to gain Level 5 Teaching Qualifications, and experience a placement – all in duration of 1 year. The journey is worth it – becoming a teacher means you will never have a dull moment! Working with children is inspiring, and the teacher can take the pride in educating, guiding perspectives and embracing the children’s ‘light-bulb’ moments every single day.


Teaching offers job variety

Our teachers at SCCD see the excitement and eagerness in learners. Providing 1-to-1 support for every individual can be challenging, but that’s exactly what teachers at SCCD do. Our Level 3 lecturer Paulina sees the bright side in everything and even though it can be challenging, the feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction keeps her going.

Why choose QTLS 1

Make that brave step and start the journey in the education sector. We have new start dates available now and spaces are filling up fast! Sign up now, become a SCCD member and a fully qualified teacher!

Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training