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Focusing on and prioritizing children is a natural part of our lives. Once the children are independent enough, we start looking for new job opportunities and applying our skills on the job market. It is most definitely a challenging process. How to juggle between the work responsibilities whilst taking care of your children?

Around 60% of women who were on maternity leave, found it difficult to re-enter the workforce – mentally and physically. How to prepare yourself?


Be Confident.

If you know why you were on a career break and you know what you learnt from that time, as well as what you are ready to give, no one will be in doubt that you can accomplish the objectives. Sell your set of skills – know what you are good at and what you have to offer. It’s all about the self-belief and confidence that you can project to others.

“Women with career gaps have incredible transferable skills, something employers tell us is a priority in hiring right now.”

“Employers know they can teach specific skills to their work, but transferable skills like good communication, team building and problem-solving skills are more difficult to teach.”

Be Open-Minded.

Explore different industries. It can be something completely different to what you have done before. Job market changes and people will always be surrounded by constant progression. After taking a break, you are most probably seeking for a secure job and steady income.

Balancing your work and childcare can be one of the most challenging tasks in your daily life. Around 2 in 5 working mothers are struggling to cover childcare for their necessary working hours. Maybe, it’s the time to think about aligning your schedule with your children?

Being a teacher and a mother will not be easy, but it is rewarding, and it allows you to spend the evenings and holidays with your children. Education sector can also provide flexibility, allowing you to take as much work on board as you are capable of.

Be Patient.

Having enough flexibility at work or finding affordable childcare – both big issues. Now, that Covid has opened a new path for remote working as well as learning, find the patience in you to allow things to escalate in the right pace. If you opt for a new career, you will require to undergo training and gain relevant qualifications. Opting for blended training, allows you to gradually get back into the routine without burning yourself out.

At SCCD Training, we support parents with blended training and extended individual support, working around your busy parent schedule to provide you with all the necessary support to become a fully-qualified teacher or teaching assistant.

“SCCD Training made childcare easy for me and I managed to do my lectures when my children were in school. As a single mum, it was challenging, but SCCD made it possible for me. I would definitely recommend it.” (SCCD Level 3 Graduate)

Think about it.. Teaching might be just the right career path for you?

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