QTLS is a Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills qualification. It is the symbol of competence for post-16 education andtraining, assisting experts excel in their careers and display their knowledge and proficiency to equals, employers and students.

  • QTLS is a qualification recognised as equal to QTS for teaching in schools
  • Career advancement: QTLS is a qualification that allows you to display your commitment, knowledge, and skills to companies
  • Quality continuing professional development (CPD) that create confidence and increases your skill set
  • Associates with QTLS can use these initials and a designation.

There is a common misconception that Bachelor’s Degree is needed to become a fully qualified teacher. However, achieving a QTLS status can allow you to do so without spending years and University.

The courses we offer allow you to achieve the supporting knowledge and hands-on experience needed to enter your teaching career. Once you show this and receive your certification, you undergo a progression called Professional Formation- which allows you to have the QTLS professional status.

The QTLS is equal to a QTS – Qualified Teacher Status- which allows you to teach In any educational institution within the UK

The benefits of the qualification are:

  • Excellent career advancement
  • Complete teacher status
  • Qualification is recognised nationally
  • You can start your teaching career as soon as your qualified
  • You are guaranteed a school placement
  • Affordable

Life is far too short to stay in a career that doesn’t make you happy. Make the change today and discover how we can help you to achieve your goals!

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