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Student Teacher Survival Tips

Here are some tips on how to have a positive student teaching experience. 1.Let your cooperating teacher know your expectations upfront. Most student teachers feel that they don’t have a say in what goes on, but you do. 2,Politely express that you would like to learn a variety of teaching methods and that you are trying to develop your own teaching style not […]

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Tips On How To Motivate Your Students

1.Become a role model for student interest Deliver your presentations with energy and enthusiasm.  Make sure you show your motivation, your passion so it motivates your students. Make the course personal, showing why you are interested in the material. 2.Get to know your students. You will be able to tailor your instruction to the students’ concerned and backgrounds, your personal […]

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How To Be An Effective Teaching Assistant

To be an effective teaching assistant, you should know that you are doing an excellent job if your pupils are learning well. You should be able to help your pupils become happy and motivated. An effective teaching assistant is able to help the teacher manage the classroom efficiently. If the teacher is busy with one group of pupils, you should […]

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Why Teaching Is A Rewarding Profession

1. Shape a future generation Teaching a subject, being a teacher in the UK is about offering an education that helps young people to develop into well-rounded citizens of their community. Thinking skills and problem solving are at the heart of successful learning and as a teacher you have the chance to create innovative and exciting lessons that teach young […]

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