Become A Primary or

Secondary School Teacher

Become A Primary School Or Secondary School Teacher

With A Career Changing Level 5 Diploma In Education and Training Leading to Qualified Status

Make A Difference In A child's Life.

There Is An Increasing Demand for Teachers and Teaching Assistants In Schools All Across London. 


Before signing up to just any teaching course in London KNOW THE FACTS!!!


Most Universities and training providers do not provide placement for you. You will be responsible for having to find your own placement which many individuals have found very difficult at times.

As a Community Interest Company (C.I.C) we offer the most affordable training, with flexible schedules and payment options.

We start a new cohort every month, but be aware that classes fill up quickly!

Why Choose SCCD

Come along to a Free One-On-One Consultation In London With Our Career Advisers To Find Out More About:

  • How we guarantee a work placement with hands-on teaching practice in a school, college or adult training center to all our students…
  • How, in more than two-thirds of cases, those schools, college or adult training centres go on to hire those students at the end of their training period.
  • Enjoying “100 hours of teaching” work placements while you’re learning (the DET is delivered partly as class lectures and partly as a teaching work placement)
  • The convenience of attending lessons in a well-connected part of London for three hours a week (you choose if it’s a day or evening session)
  • Starting a rewarding career in a well-paid profession – qualified primary and secondary school teachers can earn an average salary from £23,720 (starter) to £61,005 (experienced)... and a head teacher can earn from £44,000-£115,500 , according to the NCS. (These are average salaries and do not take into account London weightings.)

Subject to acceptance and terms and conditions. Ask for full details of payment options during your consultation.

Entry Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree or HND
  • Experience in Higher Learning Teaching Assistant
  • Qualified teaching assistants
  • Specialist Diplomas
  • Graduates who have some relevant prior experience teaching or working in a school or tutoring, mentoring or coaching others;
  • Graduates who have no or limited relevant prior experience but who consider they have the skills and strength of character to be able to hit the ground running;
  • Overseas qualified teachers who wish to gain experience teaching in the UK
  • UK qualified teachers who have been out of teaching for some time and who would like to ease themselves in before resuming qualified teaching permanently

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