Benefits Of Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS)

Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills (QTLS) is the professional training given to the candidates to explore their skills in the field of teaching. The main benefits of gaining QTLS is that recently QTLS status is recognized as equally to the QTS for teaching in schools. Obtaining QTLS status will recognize the candidate as the professional teacher or trainer. Also, the members with the QTLS can use the Initials as the designations.

Also, the candidates who have QTLS status and also who are the members of the Society of Education and training (SET) can be appointed to permanent positions as well qualified teachers in Schools without any further interview process. Thus the main advantage of gaining QTLS status is that it adds value to the profession. As a candidate planning to start the career in the teaching profession, one should undergo QTLS training to explore the teaching skills and get certified as the qualified teacher. To apply for QTLS, you should have an initial teacher (ITE) education qualification with credit of above 120 at Level five, for example, equivalent to the Diploma in Education and Training (DET).

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