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Blended Training – A Possible Game Changer?


Blended training manages to integrate e-learning as well as classroom teaching, providing students with dynamic options. We now all have adapted ourselves to the online world. Webinars and Zooms have opened the doors for learning at the comfort of your own space. Additionally, research suggests that online learning has provided better retention of information, reaching an increase of 60%. Incorporating in-class learning and e-learning combines the benefits of fluency and instant feedback with mobility, tracking and reduced costs.

Blended Training

The blended training has come here to stay. Allowing students to learn at their own pace. Whether you want to take time on some topics and concepts or even accelerate through the materials – blended training gives students this possibility. It has really brought even more diversity to the education sector enabling students to explore and develop their individual talents in an environment that suits their needs.

E- learning typically requires

Here at SCCD Teacher Training, we offer the blended training. Our students for Level 3 Teacher Assistant Training and Level 5 Teacher Training Diploma receive full support of our tutors whether it’s online or offline. We have seen that blended training really enables to approach students with different learning habits. Some prefer online, some offline – we cater to everyone at SCCD. Our lecturer pointed out that most importantly blended training ensures the transferrable skill of general IT management which will be a necessity in schools and education. The blended training approach really saves your time and enables people to make a change in their lives without putting everything else on pause.

Blended Training in SCCD