Government heavily invests in children with additional needs

Today the Department for Education (DfE) has announced that it will offer more support to school staff and families to deliver better opportunities for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). The new plans set out by the DfE will aim to provide tailored support for children and young people with additional needs, focusing […]

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Early language and literacy skills are key

This week research findings from the journal Cognition were published, which revealed that there is a critical cut-off age for learning a language fluently. The researchers claim that you should ideally learn a language before the age of 10 in order to have near-native grammar knowledge of it. The ability to learn a language very […]

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The IFL Is Out And Foundation For Education And Training Is In

If you are concluding your Diploma in Education which has replaced Diploma in Teaching in Lifelong Learning (DTLLS), then you need to be aware that the IFL is out and a new regime is in. The Foundation for Education and Training has resumed the responsibility of granting, through professional formation, your (QTLS).

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Important Information: Diploma In Education & Training

The diploma in Education and Training is still divided into (1) Award (2) Certificate and (3) Diploma. However, be very certain what you would like your outcome to be because if you complete your training by levels, (award first then certificate and then Diploma later on) you will not be able to take your credits […]

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