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Changing Careers to Teaching

It’s never too late to consider changing careers to teaching. This industry is one of the most rewarding and secure industries you can work in. There is always a need for teachers. Not only does it pay well, but you can also grow and develop within the industry, while giving you a challenge as well.


Youre not starting from the beginning


You’re not starting from the beginning

When you change your career at some point in your life, its going to feel like you are starting again. But diving into an education career, it is not the same. As a Teacher, you are doing the obvious, teaching. It is a combination of your knowledge for a specific subject and the knowledge you have gained from your life experiences. Yes, you will need to study a specific subject or subjects so you can get a job as a Teacher. But having your life knowledge is also a big plus when starting out. For example, if you are planning on teaching a Year 1 group, they are going to be quite young and its your job to teach them how to read, write and spell simple words, which (I’m hoping) you can already do as an adult. You are not just starting from the bottom.

Teaching is a career that allows you to progress and fast.



You must do your research. It can be boring, but its just something you need to do when changing career. Well, you are reading this blog so you are already doing your research. You need to look into what it is you’re passionate about and why is it you want to dive into this industry? What subject do you think you could teach? Every teacher needs at least one subject they specialize in.

You need to have a passion for a subject. We touched on this point in our previous blog which you can read *HERE* on why it is important that you are passionate about what you are teaching. As you and the students will get bored and uninterested during the class. Just make sure you have done enough research and understand what it is you need to do next to make that career leap.

‘You can always call us or drop us an email to talk to one of our Teaching Advisors if you’re unsure on what to do next and we can point you in the right direction!’


You’re not alone

According to research from the Department for Education, 45% of people interested in teaching are ‘career changers’. These are people who have worked in entirely different industries and have switched over to teaching. Now that is a lot of people. So, you are not the only one who wants or has changed their career to teaching. Nearly half of the teaching workforce in 2018/19 are people that have changed career and have succeed in getting a job! Which is impressive.

There’s proof that it can be done and is well worth the change.



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