Our Diploma in Education and Training is your fast track option to QTS and is so simple to complete with minimum stress.

However, we recognise that money plays a big part in education which is why we help. You can complete your training without paying a penny until after the training is complete. How do we offer this?

  • SCCD training can fund your training until you’re in a permanent job
  • Our definite work placement will assure you’re at ease as we work hard to locate a great local school for your training. Not to mention over two thirds of our students get hired after their placement
  • We offer support when it comes to recruitment by pairing with experienced recruiters to secure you a job
  • Our price of £4,700 is significantly lower than the typical £6,000
  • Devoted support for every student. Our small size and expert friendly team allows you to always have someone on hand to assist you in all matters
  • Our classrooms are modern and contain the latest equipment with a Google learning platform.

Studying for your diploma can be difficult if you don’t know where to begin. Luckily, we know how to assist you in making sure your diploma is completed with ease.

Make Time for Your Diploma

You will need to put your studies first and ensuring you plan your weeks will help with this. Priorities tasks and ensure you know what needs to be done. Keeping a calendar or diary will keep you aware of what deadlines are near and allow you control over your time.

Ask for Assistance

Initially, you may feel worried and confused as to what to do next. However, do not be afraid to ask for help as we can offer expert help and tips. Asking questions will make you more confident and improve your overall Diploma journey.

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