BTEC Level 3 (90-credit) Diploma in Health and Social Care

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BTEC Level 3 (90-credit) Diploma in Health and Social Care

This is a classroom based, taught course; delivered over sixteen weeks, with a four hour dedicated lesson each week. This is delivered within our well-resourced classrooms; using on-line Moodle support and accessible assignments. A practical simulation based component is also offered.

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Course Description

The course is delivered by experienced and senior health and social care practitioners, booked guest speakers & CPD events.

We prioritise our student support very highly and will engage with you to tailor classroom support strategies to enable achievement. This is a funded course and criteria will be applied to determine your suitability to access this L3 BTEC. Support is provided with the application process.

The BTEC qualifications in this specification are QCF level 3 qualifications designed to provide highly specialist, work-related qualifications in a range of vocational sectors. They give learners the knowledge, understanding and skills that they need to prepare for social care sector employment.

The qualifications provide career development opportunities for those already in work, and progression opportunities to higher education, degree and professional development programmes within the same or related areas of study, within universities and other institutions. They attract UCAS points that equate to qualifications within education institutions throughout the UK.

We will work with our network of recruitment partners to help you secure a job at the end of training.


  • Section 1: Start With The Basics
    • Ball jJuggling
      • Lecture 1 - 1 Ball jJuggling
      • Lecture 2 - 2 Ball Juggling
      • Lecture 3 - 03 - 3 Ball - Cascade
      • Lecture 4 - 04 - 2 Ball - 1 Hand
      • Lecture 5 - 05 - Columns
  • Section 2: Intermediate
    • Intermediate
      • Lecture 6 - 06 - Reverse Cascade
      • Lecture 7 - 07 - Half Shower
      • Lecture 8 - 08 - Cascade, reverse, colummns = combined

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