Level 5 Specialist Diploma in Teaching Literacy

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Level 5 Specialist Diploma in Teaching Literacy


6 Month Course: Recent curriculum changes have brought major demands on UK teachers. These have increased demands on senior management, and as a result many schools are looking for qualified specialists in certain areas.

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The qualification is designed to enable trainees to develop and integrated approach of theory and practice to teaching. Trainees will be able to identify and use theories, principles and models of teaching, learning, assessment and evaluation and develop confidence, communication and interpersonal skills.

You will conduct investigation and research into current practice, explore educational legislations, impact of curriculum changes and development and new models and practice relating to teaching literacy learners.

Level of training for each area of specialism 5
Number of credits for each area of specialism 45
Number of classes for each area of specialism 6
Specialist Diploma in Teaching Literacy 601/0873/3
Unit 501 Literacy Teaching and Learning
Unit 502 Literacy, Theory and Frameworks
Unit 504 Literacy and the Learners
Specialist Diploma in Teaching Numeracy 601/0876/9
Unit 511 Numeracy Teaching and Learning
Unit 512 Numeracy and the Learner
Unit 513 Numeracy, knowledge and understanding
Specialist Diploma in Teaching Disabled Learners 601/0877/0
Unit 514 Incisive Teaching and Learning for Disabled Learners
Unit 515 Action Learning for Teaching in a Specialist Area of Disability
Unit 516 Understanding Theories and Frameworks for Teaching Disabled Learners


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