One of the most important roles in society is teaching. Individuals working in education are shaping young minds or training young adults to achieve their desired career.

Unfortunately, the number of applicants for teaching training in the UK has fallen, this may be due to a lack of people wanting to peruse this career, or because the process of how to get there is unclear.

In this post I will speak to you about how this process works to ease the decision of becoming a fully qualified teacher, and the benefits of doing so.

A common misconception is that you MUST have a degree (2:2 or above) before becoming part of a school. If you know what subject and what key stage you would like to teach, applying for teaching assistant roles is perfect, you can gain experience while you study while also helping with the cost of education.

Although to teach in a state school you must have a degree (as well as QTS) some private schools could employ you as a teacher even without a degree. You could have much experience in a subject that is too good to pass up. However, it can be hard to leave that school once you are there.

A solution to this is to complete your degree while working as a teacher in a private school, although this may be a longer process, cost will be spread out, so it is affordable, while you will also receive a magnitude of experience, helping you to either stay on in the current school or move on.

Just a few of the benefits

Working in education is extremely rewarding, you get to know these young people and watch them grow simply because you are there to teach.

You are helping to shape the future society. Children of a young age need constant role models in their life, which is why becoming a teaching is so important, helping them understand how and why being a respectable person in society is so important.

You can work and build relationships with other like-minded teachers such as yourself, with friendships that could last a life time.

The salary is more than you think, as a newly qualified teacher your initial salary on average is between £22,917, and £28,660 in inner London, however this will rise as you do, which could be very fast. In fact, it could raise to £116,738 depending on your position.

Teachers get more holiday than you think, it is true that they may do some work from home in some of these days off, but the average teacher works 195 days per year in school.


Here at SCCD training, we make your dream of becoming a teacher a reality, contact us today to find out more or click the button below to see what we can offer you.

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