If you have decided to become a teacher or are still thinking about going into teaching here are the good news: the demand for teachers, especially trained in the UK, is huge all over the world!

The UK is one of the important funders of international education projects, and the foreign secretary, Mr Boris Johnson, says there needs to be an “escalation” of efforts to improve access to education for many young people everywhere.

The United Nations has already warned that the target of all children having access to primary education for 2030 is unlikely to be met and one aspect of this problem is that there simply aren’t enough teachers to offer good quality learning.

To fight this shortage many organisations are advertising and marketing teaching opportunities abroad. Some highlight great benefits such as tax-free salaries, great benefits and lifestyle, amazing cultural and language learning opportunities as well as time to travel and so forth. English-speaking teachers teaching all kinds of subjects or age groups are highly sought after and there are even fantastic summer teaching projects available all over the world.

SCCD Teacher training and work placement

But even at our doorstep here in London and across Britain many schools are desperately looking for teaching staff and the best way into a school is through your training provider. SCCD Training have placed many of their trainees in the schools where they completed their work experience and they help their candidates into employment this way. They have been working with some of these partnering schools for more than five years and have built many trusted relationships with them.

SCCD Training promise: “We do not stop at training, we work with you into employment as well.” So, what are you waiting for? Start your teacher training journey here!

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