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Diversity in Teaching


What is diversity in teaching? It is about acknowledging the range of differences in the classroom and embracing the difference between each individual and how they think, learn and act. Diversity is also connected to experiences in life, therefore, applying diversity in the education sector, it allows to enhance educational opportunities as well as improve teaching and learning.


Teacher Diversity in the UK

Study conducted in 2020 by UCL Institute of Education revealed that 46% of all schools in England have no Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) teachers. BAME teachers are in general very underrepresented in senior leadership teams. Majority of BAME teachers are working in London, especially in disadvantage schools in London.


Classrooms Need More Diversity

Why? The studies have shown that children who learn about diversity and are culturally aware have better social skills, increased confidence and are often more accepting and open-minded. Presenting diversity in the classroom enables to lay down the foundation for the society that embraces and acknowledges differences.


Diverse Teaching Staff

Another report prevails some evidence that students learning with racially, and ethnically diverse teaching staff are more exposed to new perspectives. Furthermore, it encourages students to develop better problem-solving and critical thinking skills as well as expand their range of creativity & social-and-emotional learning skills.

School and classrooms create the base for the community. Communities encourage the sense of belonging in youngsters as well as adults. Integrating diversity in the education sector allows to bring together diverse groups of people which can have a significant long-term positive impact for the society itself.

No matter your background, ethnicity or religion – the education sector urges for diversity. We are here to support you to make a head start in the education sector. Reach out to us and our education consultants will explain all the possible options for you to become a teacher. Let’s help and better the education sector together by implying the diversity it urges!