This week research findings from the journal Cognition were published, which revealed that there is a critical cut-off age for learning a language fluently. The researchers claim that you should ideally learn a language before the age of 10 in order to have near-native grammar knowledge of it. The ability to learn a language very well decreases with age and from 18 years onwards people find it more challenging to acquire such core language skills.

If you want to become a teacher in the UK or you already are a practitioner here you should be aware that schools face a large number of non-native English-speaking students all the way from nursery to secondary school. This often challenges the school staff to deliver a curriculum that is English-based and teaching literacy skills to these learners can be difficult, especially if their families can’t support them at home as they don’t speak English very well.

In the light of this the Department for Education (DfE) has launched two programmes worth £13.5m to give families and councils extra support to help boost preschool children’s language and communication skills. ​One of them is a £8.5m scheme for local councils that will fund projects which improve early language and literacy skills among the most disadvantaged youngsters. This money can go to local early years centres, nurseries or primary schools, meaning the teaching staff will be able to get more training, better learning resources and so on to improve learning outcomes.

Learning English early is key

SCCD Training are preparing their teacher trainees for such challenges by providing diplomas in Early Years Education, Teaching Literacy or Teaching Disabled Learners. These training courses will provide you with the theoretical knowledge about early language learning and development as well as how to improve literacy skills in the classroom so that no student is left behind. You will also gain practical skills learning how to implement schemes and various literacy or language interventions in order to support your students to your best ability. SCCD Training make sure you’ll receive a great work placement experience by offering short-term, long term and permanent positions in schools to graduates. After graduating you’ll be ready and confident to tackle these challenges and become an outstanding teacher.

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