To be an effective teaching assistant, you should know that you are doing an excellent job if your pupils are learning well. You should be able to help your pupils become happy and motivated.

An effective teaching assistant is able to help the teacher manage the classroom efficiently.

If the teacher is busy with one group of pupils, you should be able to help the other pupils with assisting them with their lessons, answering their questions, and supervising their work.

You should be able to anticipate what the teacher needs in terms of assistance.

When the teacher is in front giving a talk, you should be able to observe how the class behaves and see to it that everything goes smoothly. If one pupil shows little interest in the lecture or constantly interrupts with questions, you can help out by fulfilling his need for attention, answering his questions, and helping him focus. You help this particular pupil, and at the same time help the teacher and the entire class by minimising the distraction.

Help the teacher prepare instructional materials.

These may include preparing or editing quizzes, lesson plans, handouts, and worksheets. You may also need to help review assignments and grade papers.

Use your initiative and offer help without waiting to be asked.

Do not hesitate to put forward your assistance. You know your strengths. The teacher you will be helping will appreciate it if you offer your services for her use.

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