Head teachers – would you like to enhance your team’s performance?

You can have them enrol, or support their enrolment, on this partly funded part-time training.

And depending on numbers we can even deliver at your institution or locally.

This Specialist Diploma (delivered at a Bachelor’s degree level) targets practitioners in the workplace, to enable them to better meet the individual needs of learners with literacy and/or numeracy challenges and also their ability to teach disabled learners to help them meet curriculum expectations.

The credits achieved here are adapted from the QTS/ QTLS teacher qualification and unqualified teachers can use these credits towards becoming fully qualified teachers.

There are only six classes to attend over a three month period. Classes are held in evening sessions once a week.  Hours are flexible so as to minimize disruption in the school day.

Candidates will be expected to achieve 50 practice hours, working with learners in the specialized areas of training.

About the subsidy:

Training normally comes to £2,230.00 but each recipient will benefit from a generous subsidy of £1,115.00. They will also receive an allowance of £125.00 for food and travel. The applicant will only be responsible for registration and assessing of work in the amount of £980.00.

Orientation is September 21/2016. So please register your staff as soon as possible. They will appreciate you for doing this.

SCCD has been delivering qualified training since 2008 and works with a wide cross-section of schools across London.

Late registrations close on September 30/2016. Lectures commence in October/2016.

Contact: application-support@sccdtrain.com

P: 0207 358 6976

Level of training for each area of specialism     5

Number of credits for each area of specialism     45 

Number of classes for each area of specialism     6

Specialist Diploma in Teaching Literacy 601/0873/3

Unit 501  Literacy Teaching and Learning

Unit 502  Literacy, Theory and Frameworks

Unit 504  Literacy and the Learners

Specialist Diploma in Teaching Numeracy 601/0876/9

Unit 511  Numeracy Teaching and Learning

Unit 512  Numeracy and the Learner

Unit 513  Numeracy, knowledge and understanding

Specialist Diploma in Teaching Disabled Learners 601/0877/0

Unit 514  Incisive Teaching and Learning for Disabled Learners

Unit 515  Action Learning for Teaching in a Specialist Area of Disability

Unit 516  Understanding Theories and Frameworks for Teaching Disabled Learners

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