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How Do I Know If I’d Be a Good Teacher?


Looking back to your own school time, we all remember our favourite teachers who managed to organize class so captivating that we didn’t even realize how fast the class had gone by. Or that teacher who kept pushing you because they knew there was so much more in you. Or the one who kept pushing you because of your laziness. Remember, we looked up to these teachers and thought they were made for this job. Possibly, such teachers even inspired a lot of their students to become teachers as well.

On the other hand, there are people who feel intimidated to fill the shoes of their admired teachers. The truth is that every teacher is supposed to be unique in their own way and not fill anyone shoes but instead show their passion to the subject and project it onto their students. There are several traits that will support you in becoming a teacher, have a read and see if you can recognize yourself. But remember, don’t be too hard on yourself – teacher training with SCCD will prepare you for teacher life!


Be Organized & Prepared

Handling a variety classes and a handful of students can be overwhelming. Teachers are known for being able to manage several classrooms full of students, but also their parents. Diary, USP, highlighters and folders should be your best friends.


EEE – Empathy, Enthusiasm, and Engagement

Different learning paces, different backgrounds, different cultures. Having the ability to understand and the resilience to work around these unique differences is something that teachers must keep up with every single day. Trying different approaches in the classroom can be a helpful tool in making sure everyone receives the full support and are fully engaged with the learning material.



Ability to know your policies in the classroom and not allowing students nor their parents to overstep these. Making it simple – it is about knowing and standing for your boundaries. Being a group leader comes with its challenges but having the strength to remain true to yourself sets the rules for the future and is the path for earning the full respect from the students, parents and the colleagues.


A Good Listener & Problem Solver

Exactly how it sounds – children have problems and situations that require advising. Taking the time to listen to your students is the only way of gaining their trust and achieve a better a understanding of their nature.


Passion & Dedication

There is no such thing as a perfect teacher but there are passion and dedication for the subject you are teaching. All you need to do is show this to your students – inspire and educate!

PS. Last but definitely not the least – let’s not forget about a great sense of humour as you will be working with young people at the end of the day! Education and studying can be fun too!

Sounds good? Did you manage to recognize yourself at least a little bit? Don’t doubt yourself!

Get in touch with our education consultants at SCCD and they will be able to advise the best path for you how to get into teaching!