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Lesson Planning Tips


To be a successful Teacher you must have a plan for what you’re going to cover throughout the months, weeks and the days ahead for your classes. Today we are going to share some tips on planning for your classes.


Plan Alternative Activities

This all depends on who you are teaching. Teaching a bunch of 4 year olds will be drastically different to teaching a group of teenagers. But with your classes you need to think of ways that you can have alternative activities for your subjects. Yes you need to teach a specific subject. But you will need to think of ways on how you will go about having similar activities and keeping it more interesting. Having the same class, doing the same subject, learning the same thing won’t be as affective as say having the activities cut up and spread out differently throughout the day or week. Making it easier to follow, more interesting and easier for the students to digest, while also keeping focused on the subject.


Build on previous material

Similar to the previous point, building on previous materials you have used in the past that has proven effective on your students will create a much better learning environment for them. This will impact the students more by giving them some repetition, helping jog their memory and make it easier for them to remember previous topics that have been discussed. Basically repetition is key.


Assess Needs

You need to understand the needs of the students for the time you are teaching. This can be for the whole class, but you must also keep an eye of individual students so they do not fall behind. These needs could be from, how quickly each student learns, how interested they are, how can you get them more interested, etc. As everyone learns differently. By building on previous material and understanding the needs of the class and each of the students, you can then create your own material which will in the end help both you for your planning and the students for their learning.

At the end of the day if you are going to get into this industry you must be dedicated and driven to do your planning in your own time or after school hours. This is key for you to do your job properly and also for the students to understand what it is you are trying to teach.