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If you are currently thinking about your future career and getting into teaching is something you have given consideration then one question to ask yourself is: why do I want to teach?

The Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) union surveyed its trainee and newly qualified teacher members back in 2015 about why they got into teaching and found that of the 858 participants over 80% said they wanted to teach because they enjoyed working with young people. This was followed by 75% of teachers who said they wanted to make a difference. These are the two main reasons for people to start teaching, however some other aspects were that they were inspired by their own teacher at school (37.50%) or that they themselves had a great experience in their own education (29.80).

These results clearly show that what matters the most to prospective teachers at the beginning of their career is that they can give something back to their community they have received or maybe that they feel could be improved by them taking action.

The BBC has recently featured a news article about a woman who decided to become a teacher because of one of her former teachers. After 16-year-old Hati Sparey-South had tried to kill herself, her design and technology teacher noticed how unhappy she looked in class and started talking to her. This was the key to her seeking help and getting better. She got married and her husband, a biology student, said he was considering a teaching career. This triggered her to consider it to. During her training, Hati has already met pupils who remind her of her teenage self and she gives up her free time to support them.

This case of one person deciding to start a career in teaching is the best demonstration of what really matters – a love for the community and being there for the most vulnerable – which is what SCCD Training really focus on:

Our mission statement for 2017-2018 is to double our outreach in getting more and more people, especially from economically deprived areas, to maximize their potential and become viable members of society. A further goal is to double the number of people that we put into employment by aid of our continually growing network of schools and partnering recruitment agencies.

If you get into teaching with SCCD Training you will be placed in one of their great partnering schools, where you’ll be able to start making a difference to so many young people!

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