Funding Co-ordinator

I am passionate about Audit, Performance and Quality Management, I have experience of assessment of Post 16 Learning, Contract Compliance, Self-Assessment, Evidence Reviews, and Adult Learning, Audit & Inspection, managing large public funded contracts.

With 15 years of project management experience under my belt, my strengths lie in my ability to influence people, create and implement policy. I am an open-minded and conscientious person that believes in giving back to society through education and learning – to make a difference and prepare communities for a better tomorrow.


Office Manager

As former head of student affairs, I enjoyed working with students and making sure they felt welcomed at SCCD. It was great to meet some many different people from different backgrounds. Becoming Office Manager has allowed me to keep my rapport with students and also work closer with staff members to help run the company more efficiently. The health and safety of students is still one of my priorities and I have fond memories of working alongside them till completion of their training.


Student Support

I first started off as an administrative assistant, then student finance and am now responsible for student support at SCCD. My aim is to provide students with advice, support and information covering a wide range of academic issues including finance. I work closely with all members of staff to ensure each student has a successful journey during their training and post-certification. I am always there to help and my passion for guiding and supporting our wonderful students makes me a great fit in my role.


Head Teacher / Quality Control

As head of Teacher Training, I enjoy my job very much. I get immense pleasure from meeting trainees and taking them through the process of becoming confident, qualified teachers. I have been in the education sector for twelve years and have served as a secondary school teacher for five years, Key Stage 4 Coordinator, PGCE lecturer and QTLS Coordinator.
My journey has been long but unlike many others in the profession I take a range of experiences from different countries with me into the lecture room. Bachelor degree in English from Concordia University, Canada, Bachelor degree in Political Science from Concordia University, Canada, Master in Education from Cambridge University, England.


Director / Quality Control Manager

Enthusiastic, confident individual, who has 25 years professional experience working pro-actively in education, management and health and social care and on individual projects with excellent communication skills and confident Training delivery abilities. With twelve years direct working experience in assessor, lecturing and Internal Verification / Quality Audit roles: applying range of skills to advantage learners, staff. IT proficient, supervisory experience. Experience of IiP, ISO. Designing new health and social care courses for sector business contracts. L4 Internal Verifier Quality Management Qualification.Working with ISO 9001 and IiP quality marks as current project undertakings. Completed five day CPI / MAPA Instructors course: challenging behaviours. Qualified in ESOL, management, community education, Centre IQA role.


SEN Specialist Lecturer

I am a QTS holder with an MA in English philology and a BA in English language from Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland. I have extensive experience in EFL/ESOL, Secondary and Further Education and has been delivering Teacher/TA training since 2008.
I use my strong background in languages and translation to bring variety and interest to my classes.I consider myself to be an energetic and passionate lecturer who believes in interactive teaching, discovery learning, and communication in the classroom.

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