We are what we say we are.

We work with our graduates to help them into employment as well.

We provide references for all our graduates entering the education sector.

We work with agencies who have the best interest of our graduates at heart offering short-term, long term and permanent positions in schools to graduates.

We profile your CV to our agencies and schools we work with and do everything we can to get you into employment at the end of your training.

We do not stop at training, we work with you into employment as well.

This is How The Process Works

Work placement is guaranteed for all trainees regardless of your area of training. Through our networking with schools across London, all trainees get the opportunity to observe and participate in good practice in the classroom.

Our trainees do not have to go knocking on doors seeking their own placement. At SCCD all matters dealing with securing workplace experience are taken care of by our expert placement coordinator who works with a best fit formula placing the right candidates in the right schools.

All schools are vetted to ensure they are not in special measures.

Becoming a qualified teacher may last one year but it does not end there.  Employment is the next stop along the way.

90% of our graduates are employed in the schools where we place them.

The other 10% is profiled for employment through our agencies we work with. We are much more than training and we can prove it too.

SCCD has been successfully training and placing candidates in internships in schools since 2008.

90% of our placement internships result in employment to our graduates.

We stand by our claim “Placement guaranteed.”

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