A teacher’s role goes beyond simply lecturing a class of students. Although a large amount of the day for a teacher is spent in the classroom, the actual teaching aspect is only a part of the role. A real teacher knows that teaching includes multitasking to makes sure the school day runs smoothly and all pupils receive a quality education;

Preparing & Planning

At the planning phase, teachers play numerous roles. They are students, continuously taking classes and joining professional growth sessions to learn the latest top practices and approaches for effective teaching. Many teachers frequently work together with one another to adopt new philosophies for teaching, planning grade-level teaching and joining subjects to improve the learning experience. They examine test results and other information to help determine the course of their instruction and make changes in their classrooms. Teachers also plan lesson plans to teach the standards and deliver engaging activities, while considering each student’s safeties and instructional needs.

Teaching & Instruction

Aside from simply teaching in the classroom, teachers are implementers of learning, providing pupils with the material and tools they need to excel a subject. Teachers work with small groups of pupils or one to one with pupils in the classroom or after. Teachers also play the part of assessors, constantly evaluating students’ skills through official and informal assessments, providing propositions for development and assigning marks.

Pupil Interaction

Possibly the most significant roles teachers fill include interacting with pupils. Teachers must be leaders in the classroom and in the school, earning the respect of students and setting a positive example. They must be disciplinarians, giving out just and steady punishments to students who break the rules. At the same time, teachers must show care and concern for students. A teacher can build up or tear down a student’s self-esteem and make a student’s day or ruin it in an instant. When interacting with students, a teacher must fill the role of a therapist, a surrogate parent, a nutritionist, and someone who has the best welfares of every child at heart.

Other Specialised Responsibilities

During the school day and over the sequence of the school year, teachers take on other roles, as well. They are assistants at school functions and tutors of school sports. They are watchers at lunch and break and help as fundraisers for school trips and school provisions. Teachers also play the role of interior designer, making sure their classrooms are set up to support learning and act as artists when they update their bulletin boards and other displays

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