Here are some tips on how to have a positive student teaching experience.

1.Let your cooperating teacher know your expectations upfront. Most student teachers feel that they don’t have a say in what goes on, but you do.

2,Politely express that you would like to learn a variety of teaching methods and that you are trying to develop your own teaching style not necessarily just his/hers.

3. Get started now! Even if you aren’t supposed to begin teaching for a while get up and join in. You will gain respect from the teacher and the students. Offer to help with small tasks such as grading papers or organising morning work.

4. Stay in contact with your professor or adviser on a regular basis. If you only see him/her on days they are there to observe, you will be more nervous.

5. Always try your best! Having people constantly observing you, may make you anxious but if you are doing your best whether or not they are there it wont be scary.

6. Do not be afraid to integrate your own teaching techniques or classroom skills. Your cooperating teaching may even learn new techniques from you.

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