1. Shape a future generation

Teaching a subject, being a teacher in the UK is about offering an education that helps young people to develop into well-rounded citizens of their community. Thinking skills and problem solving are at the heart of successful learning and as a teacher you have the chance to create innovative and exciting lessons that teach young people about resilience, good habits of mind, team work and reflection. There are no limits to what can be achieved by teachers and their pupils and there is little more satisfying in life than watching a young person learn something new, master a situation and make connections with the world around them with the knowledge that you had a part to play in their development.

2. Meet exciting and impressionable people

Besides what you can offer to young people as a teacher in the UK, there are the benefits of working with young minds too. To spend each day with the minds that will lead the country in years to come, that will develop new technologies, medicines and social structures is a gift that no other job can offer. Whilst teaching in the UK you get to work with the most interesting and exciting people in society – the people of the future. Their minds know no boundaries, anything is possible and fear is unknown. As a teacher, you get to spend each day living in this mindset, questioning and developing your own courage, skills and motivations – teaching allows you to give so much to society and its young minds but it also rewards you in a way no other career can.

3. Develop your own leadership skills

Good schools need good leadership and schools in the UK take great care to develop leadership and management skills. There is a strong culture of professional development and it is in a school’s interest to develop and retain its talented teachers.

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