Certain jobs require a certain type of person and a becoming teacher is no different. You will be dealing with the next generation and they will be very impressionable so you will be contributing to their future.

You will also be dealing with the children’s parents so you will need to have great communication skills and be confident.

You will need a lot of enthusiasm being a teacher as it will be your job to motivate and keep things interesting for the students. If you are not giving off a positive attitude then the students will pick up on this and any negativity and will lose interest.

Being able to handle a number of tasks at the same time is essential and no two days will be the same. Multi-tasking skills are a must

Great disciplinary skills are a must. You may get days where students may be a little difficult and you will need to be able to keep calm and have control.

Having great knowledge of the subject that you are teaching will help you to get your message across and you will also be able to answer any questions that may be asked by your students.

The ability to build relationships is important as you will be spending a lot of time with your class and you will be the first person that they will turn to.

Having great knowledge of the standards o the school and the curriculum is also essential.

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