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Tips for Teachers by a Teacher

This week we are going to share with you some Tips for when you get your qualification and become a Teacher or a Teaching Assistant. We have spoken with one of our Lecturers Paulina and she has shared some top tips for Teachers and Teaching Assistants.

Tips for Teachers by a Teacher

Tips for Teachers

From the start of your classes you need to start with a positive attitude. Use a lot of praise and encouragement (instead of sanctions). Build a good relationship with the students from the start. This will make for a positive working environment for both you and the students, allowing you to better understand each student and their needs.

Start the lesson with a BANG! Create a short and interesting activity to build motivation within the classroom and grow curiosity. This will better help you understand each student and how they interact with your activities. Be flexible in your teaching, a lesson plan is like a battle plan. It may look good on paper, but it rarely survives contact with reality. But do not be scared to try new things. Select and plan your activities carefully, you must make them useful and interesting (preferably both).

You need to be passionate about your subject! The students must feel you want to share the information you have and are excited about the topic. Communicate with your students, listen and value each student and value what they say and share with you. This will show that you care and that you are not just there to give them information, but to help the students.


Tips for Teaching Assistants

Make sure you prepare for your lessons. Find the time to learn about the plan, expectations, learners you will be working with and your role in the classroom. Try and build a good rapport with your team and your students from the start! Creating a good work environment for everyone in your team and the class.

You need to listen and value what your students say and share with you, be attentive, responsive, and communicative. Be flexible, you will often have to adapt to the environment, each day will not be the same. But do it positively!

Being positive is key when you are a Teaching Assistant. Use a lot of praise and encouragement. Be independent and proactive when you share issues with the teacher, offer new ideas you may have and solutions to issues you may both have in your class at the time. Most importantly, smile and be friendly. It will make you more approachable and memorable. Children will feel they can ask you for support if they need it.

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