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Updated Course For Teaching Assistants!

Here, at SCCD Training, we always strive to offer better value for our learners. Our aim is to provide courses that are comprehensive, extensive, and relevant. Therefore, we have now updated our Level 3 offering for teaching assistant trainees.

What is it called?
Level 3 Diploma in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools (awarded by NCFE Cache)

“This qualification will provide an understanding of the knowledge and skills needed when working directly with children or young people in primary, secondary, or special schools. It includes learning about children and young people’s development, safeguarding their welfare, and communication.” (NCFE Cache)

What’s new?
As mentioned, we seek to add value to the community, maximizing the potential of our learners to help them achieve their professional dreams and aspirations. The new Level 3 Diploma consists of additional credits, further 2 specialist units and allows teacher trainees to get more experience during longer placement hours. SCCD aims to create an advantage for our new teaching assistant graduates to market themselves better compared to the other candidates.

Previous Layout
44 credits
Orientation + writing workshop + 15 lectures + 3 tutorials = 20 weeks
11 mandatory + 3 specialist unit
Course covers knowledge (4) and
placement (10) units
Placement: 80h = 12-14 days
Updated Layout
53 credits
Orientation + tech support + writing workshop + 16 lectures + 3 tutorials = 22 weeks
4 mandatory + 7 placement +
5 specialist units
Course covers knowledge (7) and
placement (9) units
Placement: 150h = 21-23 days (full days with pupils aged 5+)

Why SCCD Training?

We continue with blended training. Why? This way we can fit the course into your busy schedule. A mixture of webinars, zooms and face-to-face learning allows learners to communicate with their lecturer effortlessly and receive all the necessary (additional) 1-to-1 support. Easy access on Google Classroom provides all the learning material and additional guidelines, announcements, and notes from your lecturer. Learning has to be enjoyable and this is what we do in SCCD Training!

Furthermore, we will guarantee you the necessary placement for the completion of the Level 3 Diploma. The majority of our students manage to secure a job offer from the school during their placement. All you have to do is make an effort. We provide you with the job opportunity – make it worth your while!

If you wish to learn more about the modules and the content of the course, or you might have any additional questions, call us to book a FREE consultation with one of our education consultants here at SCCD!

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