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What do Schools look for when Hiring?

What is it that Schools really look for when hiring Teachers? In this blog we are going to give you key information on what it is Schools really do look for when they are hiring.


Proactivity and Resilience

Any workplace loves an employee that gets on with tasks and plans ahead. Teaching is no different. As you are teaching the next generation and having to do your planning for each week. Teaching really is more than just your typical 9-5. Schools look for people that have drive, have a positive impact in the classroom and each individual student. Sometimes you will be thrown in the deep end with some Schools. Having great resilience will give you that tough shell that you will need when teaching, as previously stated you don’t just finish at 5pm. Schools want Teachers that can bounce back on their feet when it gets tough in the classroom, you can’t break easily.


You need to also have a love and passion for the subject that you are teaching. No one, not even kids will be interested or excited in a subject if the teacher isn’t passionate about it. They won’t listen. With someone passionate and wanting to teach students about this amazing subject that you know so much about will 100% get students interested when you convey your enthusiasm to them. A Teacher having good energy does build motivation in the classroom.


With any job you need to have knowledge. Obviously if you are a Teacher, you need a lot of knowledge. Schools love teachers that have extensive knowledge on various subjects. It makes you look more appealing to them, while also allowing them to utilize you more on the job. But not just with lesson subjects, it’s also key to show off a wider knowledge of the education sector. Including any policy updates, and its curriculum. Keeping an eye on the news and reading the Department for Education website will keep you well in the loop. This will make you stand out.


Its important to show Schools that you are eager to start, learn and teach, that is what you’re there for! Even though you will have a decent amount of knowledge on subjects, you won’t know everything. Schools look for teachers that will go above and beyond the call of duty. You could do research like what was said previously and stay in the loop with education news. Ask the School whether they run any mentoring schemes with other members of staff. Or speak to other teachers yourself and observe a class, asking about their experience and taking down some notes.


As a Teacher teamwork is key. Even though you will be teaching by yourself most of the time, you will be part of a much wider department and working as a team will make your life so much easier. If you work well as a team, your department will be able to maximise pupils learning by exchanging ideas and resources to make the pupils learning experiences a lot better and easier to digest the information you are all giving them.

All these points can be proven and done whilst on your placement. Which is why SCCD can help you a lot when starting your career or even taking the next step to become a fully qualified Teacher. We will also help you with employment opportunities after your qualification and will teach you all the above points that were mentioned during your training.

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