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What is the Difference between QTS and QTLS?



QTS a licensed issued by the State. It is the badge of professional training for the education sector. There are many ways of gaining QTS but the most recognized way is the university PGCE route.



The University Route

Candidates will apply to enter the PGCE programme. PGCE means a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. If the applicant is accepted the following occurs:

1. They spend one year in university in full time study.
2. If they are successful, they will now hold a PGCE certificate and be classified as an NQT or Newly Qualified Teacher.
3. This does not give the holder the title of QTS which is Qualified Teacher Status.

To gain the QTS the candidate must undergo the following:

They need to apply for a job as an unqualified Teacher.
They will teach as an unqualified Teacher for one year.
They must pass all three terms of this internship.
Then apply for their full teaching license


Challenges with gaining the QTS

Despite having to pay thousands of pounds, it is not guaranteed that the graduate will complete the training.

Upon completing the programme, the graduate MUST find a school willing to hire them as an NQT (Newly Qualified Teacher) but not yet holding their QTS.
The graduate must complete their three term internship. Many times, this in incomplete for many reasons like lack of support in the school.
Many graduates are then left holding their NQT but not the QTS for many years without using it.


Gaining QTLS – the history of QTLS

The QTLS license was originally for Teachers that only teach in Sixth Forms.

In 2012, the government passed a new legislation changing this and allowing holders of the QTLS to teach in Primary, Secondary, Sixth Form and adult institutions. Giving Teachers with the QTLS license a wider range of opportunities to choose from.

The new law now states that holders of the QTLS can now teach in Primary & Secondary Schools or Sixth Form Colleges and have the same benefits as QTS holders.

They will enjoy the same Pay Scale, Pension, Benefits and Promotions while also being recognized as a fully qualified Teacher.
There is no internship that is like the PGCE.


About the Diploma in Education and Training (leading to QTLS)

The candidate first needs to register for the training.

One year of part-time study
Portfolio based
The candidate receives a Diploma at the end of training
The candidate then applies for the license from the Society of Education and Training (SET).


The advantages of QTLS

The QTLS is a great and necessary license to hold when wanting to be a Teacher. The benefits of it is that there are no Internships. It is a quicker period to complete and commence employment. You will have a higher probability of success, with guaranteed placement leading to employment. More support throughout the programme and support after your training. With the ability to teach anywhere (Primary, Secondary, Sixth Form) and no further qualification except CPDs.

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