We do more than just educate. We train, we place, you work!

During your placement, you may be doing the following;

  • Observations; seeing different classes in school, learning how they operate
  • Creating lesson plans and implementing rules
  • Class structures
  • Homework planning and planning activities relating to what’s been taught
  • Whole class sessions such as taking the register etc.
  • Reports
  • Greeting pupils and seeing them home

We are much more than simply training, we help our candidates into employment too

  • All our course graduates get one to one help from us in to a secure job.
  • All our course graduates leave with shining references so they begin their career on the right path
  • We work closely with agencies to ensure we have a rage of placements to choose from, weather you’re interested in short term, long term, and permanent roles.
  • We tailor your CV to agencies and schools for the placement and endeavour to provide you with employment on completion of the training
  • After the training, our help won’t end there. We continue to assist you into employment as well.

Your placement gives you the practical skills and knowledge to get you up to speed in terms of planning and delivering. You will receive support from us throughout

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