As of 2012, the government declared that QTLS (Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills) and QTS (Qualifies Teacher Status) are equal, meaning people who own either one has the same opportunities when applying for job in the teaching and training sector. One advantage of this governmental change is not only the equality in the salary, but also that you will enter the sector and receive the top of the salary.


Key points to know about QTS/QTLS


  • You must receive your QTLS status from SET (Society for Education and Training) to obtain the correct license.

  • To complete a QTLS you must be employed at a school as an intern or on a placement, this will cover the required 100 hours of teaching practise that is required. 8 of your lessons will be observed and much be given an ofsted grade 2 or more.

  • Once under QTLS status, there is no further training or internship requires, you can go into you desired level of teaching that is relevant to your previous study.

  • The opportunities grow once you achieve QTLS status, more schools are willing to employ you as QTLS is so widely recognised by professionals in the field.

  • You could also teach a specialised subject such as English/Maths/Science which has the potentially to be very financially rewarding.

  • As soon as QTLS/QTS is seen on a CV, the interviewer is presented with an understanding of your commitment to be a quality teacher, while also working well with student and colleages.

  • Employers may specify they would prefer their teaching candidates to have a QTLS, which puts your foot in the door for compulsory education (primary/secondary) but also further and higher education.

  • The cost of QTLS compared to QTS is not just in money. The time it takes to complete a QTLS is just a fraction, but also significantly less expensive. With them being recognised as equal, QTLS seems to be the desirable route to take – depending on your end goals.

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