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Why should you become a Teaching Assistant

A Teaching Assistant is a vital part of the classroom environment, providing much needed help to teaching staff to ensure that all pupils can reach their potential.
From aiding those with learning difficulties to encouraging to pupils to excel, being a teaching assistant is a highly rewarding role with plenty of opportunities.
There are many great reasons for becoming a teaching assistant and the following are perhaps the stand-out factors as to why you may want to choose it as a career.

Incredibly rewarding

The role of a teaching assistant is incredibly rewarding as it enables you to focus on single students, helping them to reach their goals and being part of the process every step of the way.
By supporting pupils to progress in their studies, you can share the joy and jubilation when they achieve their potential.
As a teaching assistant you will act as both a role model and a friend, providing academic and emotional support as and when it is necessary to ensure that each child can flourish.

Put your skills to good use

You will learn to utilise your unique skill set to help others – either by introducing pupils to hobbies and topics that you love or by using situations that are unique to you to help explain a topic. You will nurture their curiosity to enhance their learning and help them become the best
version of themselves.
You’ll likely need different approaches to help different children, as some will learn in alternative ways to others – this helps to broaden your own skills at the same time, meaning you’re able to continually develop and learn in the role too.

The first step in a long career?

Being a teaching assistant offers plenty of opportunity for career progression – either into specialist support roles or as the first steps towards becoming a teacher.
The classroom experience that is gained during your time as a teaching assistant can prove invaluable when it comes to dealing with challenging situations or when making the step-up into a fully-qualified teaching role.
One of the key learnings relates to how many pupils you feel comfortable supporting – do you prefer working with larger groups or with smaller groups of pupils that need more specialised help?

Plenty of variety

The nature of a teaching assistant role means that no two days are ever the same and that the responsibilities will vary greatly too.
Every day in the role is different, whether you’re faced with new parts of the curriculum, new topics or new issues to overcome.
You get to interact with children closely and you will be loving the attention and the affection from your students.
Expect to offer one-to-one support in the role, assistance to pupils with special needs and disabilities (SEND), guidance on lesson planning, help with classroom preparation and additional support at school events and trips.

Flexibility and a healthy work-life balance

As a teaching assistant, you’ll only need to work during term time, which frees up plenty of time to do the other things you like in the holidays whether it is pursing your hobby, travel, spend time with your own children or just relax!
This flexibility can help to achieve a fantastic work-life balance and gives you ample opportunity to plan holidays, be sociable and get things done.
One can say that being a Teaching Assistant is an opportunity to change children’s lives like no other.